Good coaching or GREAT COACHING?

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Sticky Pad

Good is ok but GREAT IS BETTER. I am a fan of just a few GREAT COACHES—Keith Cunningham  (Keys to the Vault) is one of them.

He got me thinking when he asked a crucial question. “what is really the problem?”

Maybe that my sales are lagging, maybe my costs are too high, maybe my staff are less motivated than they were.

None of these are the PROBLEM—they are SYMPTOMS.

Are the Sales people good enough, are my prices out of line, is the competition upping their game, do I allow the staff to shop for our tea, coffee and biscuits in the most expensive places, am I too generous with what I allow the staff to get away with, do they job and finish too early (causing me to send a repair team back), is morale dipping and so on. All of these are the problems.

Perhaps you may ask yourself next week—“what is really the problem?”

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