Growing pains

Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Sticky Pad

Just as many children suffer ‘growing pains’ without really understanding why so do many SME business owners.

For a growing child the pain is often caused by muscular tiredness, poor posture and emotional upset.

For the growing business owner it’s most likely to be the result of doing more hours, feeling a loss of control and emotional frustration with people around them.

This is not the time to take a long bath or a headache tablet, although these may help. It is time to recognise and celebrate that your business has reached a ‘Tipping Point’. If your business is to grow to the next level then you need to make some fundamental changes.

Start by asking yourself if you

  • Rate all members of your management team 8 or more out of 10
  • Trust the management team to deliver the business goals without your intervention
  • Have the ‘future talent’ in the business for expansion

If you answered ”Absolutely Yes” to all 3 questions, congratulations! It’s time to reshape your business, define new management roles, delegate tasks and responsibilities, re-write the rule book, look at new possibilities – go on what are you waiting for?

If you answered “No, not sure, sometimes or maybe” then you have some work and some decisions to make – don’t delay as by doing so you are stunting the growth of your business.