Positive, Positive, Positive

Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Sticky Pad

I added an item to our sticky pad a few weeks ago, titled Negative, Negative, Negative.
Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the rehearsal for the Olympics Opening Ceremony at the outstanding Olympic Park in Stratford.
On the day the concentration in the news was on the .7 reduction in GDP, the border staff were still wondering what to strike about, the transport companies were looking to hold us to ransom, Charlie Stayt was his usual Mr Negative on Breakfast, I saw smiley people, cheerful people, positive, enthusiastic, engaged and lively people. They were the volunteers, the drummers, the dancers, the school children, the organisers; all of whom don’t have time to be grumpy, miserable and downhearted! They were too busy concentrating on having fun, helping others, enjoying themselves and loving it!
The Olympics 2012 are a great opportunity to say something different to ourselves as the people I have mentioned above have said something different—and they are getting a different outcome!
They have the choice to be grumpy too but have decided it isn’t for them. Small changes in their behaviour perhaps, because they could be dragged down as we are all surrounded by ‘doom and gloomers’ …. but they want massive results to the contrary in their lives.