Small changes in behaviour have a massive impact on results – share your experiences.

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Sticky Pad

Just a few days after a lively conversation about the gluetogether philosophy that ‘small changes in behaviour have a massive impact on results’, Andrew Rea, The Ten Minute Trainer and member of the Consortium of Brilliant Minds sent me a great example.

“I had coffee today with a client. During the conversation she happened to mention that she is a board member of a health-related trust. They have to hold monthly meeting, which no-one particularly liked attending. They were long, boring, repetitive etc., etc., but were also a statutory requirement so everyone ‘put up with it’. There had been some conversations about how to improve them – but there was pretty low energy towards any change.

They did however bring in one small change; which was to re-introduce ‘round the table introductions’ at the start of each meeting (some people didn’t really know who everyone was), but they also did it in an ‘icebreaker’ type way – making it fun.

The energy and engagement at the meetings soared, they get though twice the business in half the time, and that this is now a meeting that everyone looks forward to attending!!”

Send us your examples of how ‘small changes have had a massive impact on results’.

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