The most successful rarely DO IT alone.

Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Sticky Pad

What a wonderful sporting era we are in! I have never, ever experienced such an ecstatic mood in the country—so much success, so much dedication, so much congratulation and so much admiration for the brilliant athletes who are the supreme role models for a generation.

And every single one of them has paid tribute to their families, supporters, medics, psychologists, fans and of course their coaches.

Someone or some people have given their time to support them because they want to, are competent to and have the absolute desire for their person or team to be successful.

So are we able to link this combination of managing success in business?

I believe we can make the link. It is rare to find someone who does it all on their own. It’s true the face of the business may be well known, respected, admired and successful and now they may be in need of that push, support or confidence boost to GROW their business.

Perhaps it is time to bring in an ‘expert’, someone who can assist, give another view–to SUPPORT the existing team.

Every successful business will have a team behind its public face—and the Olympics are highlighting the fact.