HOT TOPICS in ‘Bean’ Leadership

Posted by on May 6, 2015 in Sticky Pad

Leadership, Style and Role Models.

If your business had a Leader like those recently being splashed across our screens, the news, the newspapers, the blogs, social media generally—you might not have a business at all!

Let’s look at how our esteemed political Leaders have performed as they go for power.

Can you imagine the Heinz Beans boss, (leader) slamming the Crosse and Blackwell beans boss (leader) by calling him a liar, not having the interests of his customers at heart, joining with all the other beans bosses (leaders) to gang up on the man at Crosse and Blackwell?

They all tell us the ‘other leaders’ don’t understand their customers, they tell us they would never support someone else, their beans are the only ones you should choose—who are they kidding? For that very reason, I would buy someone else’s beans just for the hell of it.

Furthermore, would I want to associate myself with someone who spent their time criticising the competition? I think not! It’s much easier being critical rather than being constructive and positive.

In fact, on finding out that not all the public believe me, (cannot understand why) I will endorse how much better my beans are by engraving all of C+B’s anti comments in stone and erect them up in my garden. To double endorse it, I can make the good bits about my beans—law!

Are these the behaviours to engage new generations and voters? Do they provide inspiring role models for the future?

Please tell me how good your product is (honestly), and how good your employees are. Do not tell me how bad, poor, inadequate, lying the competition leaders are!