Performance boils down to behaviour

Behaviour is the most important element of success because Behaviour = Performance.

Your business is the sum of how your people behave in their roles, with their colleagues, your customers, your competitors, your stakeholders, your suppliers and everyone else. When just one member of your team is delivering poor service your service reputation and your business is at risk.

You are the sum of your behaviours. You might be thinking, feeling, believing all sorts of other stuff, but it’s your behaviour that is seen, heard and judged. If you are a leader this is even more important. When you are not adapting your behaviour to meet the needs of different team members and situations then your performance as a leader will be seen as good for some and rubbish by others!

You get back what you give.

Show aggression and you are likely to get the same in return, so you give it back and then you get it back and so on!

It’s often part of your self-fulfilling prophesy too.
When you think you are going to, you probably will.

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