Gluetogether’s model for change

In an over complicated world gluetogether like to keep things simple and that goes for our model of change – the gluecurve.

We specialise in developing people and performance during change. This can range from supporting you and your leaders to implement change, to supporting individuals ‘caught up’ in the change.

Change happens for countless reasons, especially in expanding and decreasing markets. Businesses are restructuring, merging, growing, diversifying, implementing cultural changes and so on ….

What changes are happening in your business? gluetogether can help you to:

  • Identify your new culture and the behaviours required for successful change
  • Put the right structure and processes in place
  • Develop the skills to manage the change
  • Effectively communicate the change
  • Design and deliver associated job transitions
  • Bond your people to your change

What changes do your people need to make?

  • What makes a successful people manager different from a successful production specialist?
  • How does a good manager become a great leader?

Making the transition between roles is more than taking on new tasks and acquiring new skills.

gluetogether can help your people to:

  • Change mind-set and behaviours
  • Move out of their comfort zone
  • Build the confidence to go forward
  • Achieve a healthy equilibrium

Useful Links:

gluecurve – our model to show you where you are in your change process
glueless about change™– a fun and practical change game for managers
The Life Plan – don’t leave it to chance, make sure you have the right balance

gluetogether can help your business grow and change