When you understand yourself more, you are better equipped to lead others.

If you have tried many of the standard approaches to training and developing your people with limited success, then it’s time to do something different. At gluetogether we dare to do things differently, challenging you to change outdated habits and old patterns of behaviour.

When considering behaviour changes, we reflect on ‘Classical Conditioning’ from Behavioural Psychologists, who use this understanding to treat things like anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

What is Classical Conditioning?

Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Whilst researching digestion in dogs, the scientist, Ivan Pavlov noticed that they started to salivate when they saw a white coated research assistant enter the room, even when there was no food being brought in. What Pavlov had unwittingly discovered was that a seemingly unrelated stimulus could evoke what became known as a ‘conditioned response.’

So what about your conditioned responses?

What are some of the conditioned responses you experience or maybe cause in your everyday work?

  • An email from the boss
  • A visit from a ‘demanding’ client
  • A call from an old colleague
  • A bank statement

Some responses give great results, while others have a negative impact on performance.

Of course you are rather more complex than a dog and a whole lot more intelligent. So although your conditioned response will want to kick in, you have the choice to change your behaviour and get a different result.

gluetogether can help your business grow and change