Chris did a really excellent job at very short notice on developing a training session for us. She listened to the issues we had, reviewed market research and took on board new strategic work and then combined them to build something very personalised to what we needed. She was really well prepared, organised and ready to go by the time we were due to start. The session itself was very interactive so kept everyone involved and presented ways of looking at customers in a fun and engaging way, which made people see things through a customer’s eyes rather than take their own world view as being the same for everyone. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.
Diane Firth
Head of Trading RSPB
Over our sessions I learnt a great deal about myself, how I communicate, how assertive I am and how I influence people and the sort of character I am. I learnt about my strengths and my weaknesses and how to be not just the manager but the person I want to be. I grew to enjoy our sessions and feel that they gave me great confidence in myself.
Martin was the natural choice to support the on-going development of my team at Search Laboratory. Having supported my professional development in the past, Martin helped me develop a range of management and leadership skills that I knew the managers in my team would benefit from. In a fast-growing team, enabling managers’ professional development is essential for success.
Time Management’ made me realise how bad mine was and that procrastination was taking over my life! I learnt on the course to be more strict with my time and I try to improve daily. ‘Objective Setting’ was another eye-opener as it helped me to stop and think about what I am doing and why I am doing it. All the sessions were truly inspiring and still help me every day.
The courses I attended completely changed the way I thought about my job – and also my life – My first session, ‘Managing Change’ had the most impact and helped me better manage my team and work with others. I use the methods employed and the examples we discussed in every new challenge I face.
I felt really challenged by Martin and felt he had great insight.
Brilliantly thought provoking.
This was the best training I have ever attended. Martin was truly inspirational in the way he delivered the 2 day course—everyone left the session feeling truly motivated.
Our learners leave gluetogether workshops with practical solutions to their problems and feeling motivated to go out and try their new skills.
It was excellent, thought provoking and practical. I experienced so many ‘A-ha’ moments.
We are all on a journey, none of us has all the answers, but it was so worthwhile to take the time to look at ourselves and find ways that will improve our relationships with others.
Martin has worked with us as a 1-1 coach to several senior staff, acted as a facilitator for the Executive Team and instrumental in helping the team to manage the changes successfully.
I have been working with Chris for over a year now to develop a toolkit and learning modules to support our organisation to be a great place for change. Chris has been truly fantastic. She has been flexible and insightful in her approach and has supported us to develop a top class product which is receiving great feedback. I could not have been more pleased with the work we have done with her
Tracy Evans
Head of HR and Communications / Yorkshire Housing
I have heard Chris speak on two occasions and have been impressed by her combination of theoretical knowledge and practical ideas. Chris is entertaining, informative, inspirational and approachable and I would definitely recommend her as a speaker. Although I have not used gluetogether for professional development, I would definitely put them at the top of my list if I needed to develop managers (or myself), based solely on Chris’s obvious expertise, professionalism and ability to put her topic across in a memorable way.
Chris Baines
We started working with Chris in early 2016 with the aim to create a bespoke Leadership Development Programme for a group of our middle managers. This is now coming to an end and we have seen some massive development in the managers who have completed the course. Chris is an expert in her field and has a wealth of experience in leadership & management. She is not afraid to challenge our managers... which is something we truly respect and required to meet the development needs of our management team. Chris has been incredibly flexible with developing the content of the course as we move through the varying stages and has been open to feedback of how she can amend her style to meet our business needs. Chris brings fun and real life experience from a corporate background combined with incredibly knowledge of the latest theories and techniques. We are now starting to plan our 2nd cohort for our Leadership Development Programme which demonstrates how effective Chris has been in developing the 1st cohort.
Anthony Brady
Learning and Development Manager / Northwards Housing Association

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