Is your organisation missing out on the clear benefits of having more women in the top jobs?

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in Sticky Pad

Companies can improve their financial performance, develop their internal and external relationships, increase customer confidence, enhance communication and weather storms by focusing on one common denominator, so why are more of them not doing it or not doing enough of it? Perhaps they have missed all the data that simply shows that more women in […]

HOT TOPICS in ‘Bean’ Leadership

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Leadership, Style and Role Models. If your business had a Leader like those recently being splashed across our screens, the news, the newspapers, the blogs, social media generally—you might not have a business at all! Let’s look at how our esteemed political Leaders have performed as they go for power. Can you imagine the Heinz […]

Continuous Improvement

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Continuous Improvement. A definition of Continuous Improvement: from ASQ “The global voice of quality.” Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once. Gary Hamel in his “Leading the Revolution” says “The single accomplishment of the industrial age […]

APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY (AI) and How it can benefit you…

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I’m really excited by the thinking behind Appreciative Inquiry and the huge potential for positive change. Like so many people, I have spent my working life in surroundings where fault is sought. Pick fault, despite the best efforts of people/staff/managers. “Yes but” is a familiar phrase. David Cooperrider viewed organisational change differently. AI is a […]

The value of marginal gains

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Our gluetogether philosophy that ‘small changes in behaviour have a massive impact on results’ is evident in Sir David Brailsford’s beliefs. Sir David Brailsford, Performance Director of British Cycling. A man who has changed the fortunes (for the better) of a sport in the UK: so I am keen to learn what he does to […]

Coaching in action by Martin Miles

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Just recently I was fortunate to see a great coach in action. Whenever I see a great coach, I ask myself what qualities does he/she demonstrate that allows them to achieve a great outcome? I am talking about Gareth Malone, listed as a choirmaster and broadcaster—he can also be listed as a coach in my […]

What’s getting your goat?

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A lot about this world upsets me. One thing that really gets me is the pressure small business is under. The government wants small business to revitalise the economy and create jobs however there isn’t a single entrepreneur in government. They say there’s billions put aside, but I don’t know a single entrepreneur who is […]

Who has the Baton?

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Yes, who is continuing to run with the baton—who is carrying on the good work that has got us this far? If the objective is to achieve the desired outcome in the fastest, most proficient, smartest way, then all parts of the well-oiled team must work immaculately. Get away to the well drilled start, no […]

The most successful rarely DO IT alone.

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What a wonderful sporting era we are in! I have never, ever experienced such an ecstatic mood in the country—so much success, so much dedication, so much congratulation and so much admiration for the brilliant athletes who are the supreme role models for a generation. And every single one of them has paid tribute to […]

Positive, Positive, Positive

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I added an item to our sticky pad a few weeks ago, titled Negative, Negative, Negative. Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the rehearsal for the Olympics Opening Ceremony at the outstanding Olympic Park in Stratford. On the day the concentration in the news was on the .7 reduction in GDP, the border […]