gluetogether model of behaviour

Our gluetogether philosophy is that ‘small changes in behaviours have a massive impact on results’.gluespiral

Make a difference in what you believe; what you say to yourself, the way your body reacts and you get the difference you are seeking. If the habits and grooves you have formed are not working for you anymore it’s time to do something different.

The gluespiral©

We use the simple and memorable ©gluespiral in our experiential events to raise awareness and challenge the impact of individuals beliefs, language, physiology and behaviour. We help people stop and think about the patterns of behaviour, the strategies that they have developed that make them successful. We also uncover and challenge those that make them un-resourceful and fall short of their potential.

When we are asked to change something we do, it challenges our identity, what we call our “ME”, where our values, beliefs and experiences are stored. This can make us feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. We often tell ourselves stories, our “CHATTERBOX” that make us fearful – we help you to change the story to one that helps you to embrace and enjoy the change.

Did you know that the quickest way to change your performance is to change your physiology, your “SHAPE”. Habits or “GROOVES” are often difficult to recognise and even more difficult to break. We show you how to re-wire and re-organise your patterns of behaviour!

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