Is your business experiencing ‘growth pains’?

As small and medium sized businesses grow, they inevitably out-grow the current team’s skills and experience. Most small businesses are set up by one or two entrepreneurs with a vested interest and emotional attachment to their business. “No-one can run it the way I do.”

Are you?

  • Imagining perceived risks of allowing others to make decisions?
  • On the way to burn out?
  • Unable to see the wood for the trees?
  • Sticking to what you know and ignoring the pace of change?

If any of these are true for you – your business may be heading for limited growth or worse!

To add to the complexity, many business owners employ family members, often being groomed to take over. There are often significant differences in opinions, skills and direction and someone needs to let go!

Are you looking for an exit strategy, but don’t have a plan and can’t or won’t release roles and responsibilities to others?

Repeatedly, small businesses get stuck when the Business Owner/MD is no longer able to effectively ‘do’ all aspects single handed and needs to develop a leadership team. This is the business ‘Tipping Point’ where the business owner faces a number of options:

Options Result
1. Do nothing and carry on as we are! You burn out and look back and wonder what happened to your thriving business
2. Delegate to inexperienced hands Fear, mistakes, frustration and the occasional spark of genius only serve to fool you
3. Train and coach the Top Team Grow the business together
4. Invest in a Business Mentor /Coach Gain big business thinking and expertise
5. Bring in relevant expertise Take the business to new heights

gluetogether provide practical business support, coaching and training for growth SME’s.
gluetogether provide Business Owners with the tools to implement Options 3, 4 and 5.

gluetogether can help your business grow and change