Before embarking on the journey of development decide where you are now. What knowledge, skills and experience already exists. What are the behaviours that are propelling you forward and which are holding you back. What do people naturally do well, so you can play to their strengths.

Self-awareness is the first step towards improvement – we use a number of credible tools to speed up this process.

Here are some frequently used analysis tools we are licensed to use:

Measures Tool
Motivation and conflict Strength Deployment Inventory
Team Roles Belbin / Team Management Profile
Emotional Intelligence BarOn EQ-i self-assessment / MSCEIT – Ability
Personality Myers Briggs MBTI / SHL – OPQ
Stress drivers LIFO orientations
Learning Styles Honey and Mumford
Leadership SHL
360 Get feed back / MHS – EI
Critical thinking Watson Glaser
Ability SHL psychometric tools / RANRA


Emotional Intelligence

To perform effectively we all need the right level of operational skills – a level of IQ – Intelligence Quotient. Emotional Intelligence EI helps us to be aware of and choose our own emotional reactions, inspire and motivate ourselves and others.

We can all do the above some of the time – but truly great performers regulate their emotions, motivate themselves and inspire others when it really matters.

To learn new behaviours we have to break old ones, which requires a different approach and a heightened level of self-awareness.

The SDI is a powerful way to improve the quality of relationships with immediate and long lasting impact. It does this by enabling us to understand the reason why people do things rather than just observe and react to what is done.

It provides invaluable information on what motivates a person under two conditions;

  • When everything is going well
  • When you are faced with conflict or opposition.

When you understand why certain people have the impact they do we can learn to recognise the real issues in relationships and tailor our approach accordingly.

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